Trip to Palmyra, New York


In June when Jim and Noah flew to Ambridge, he stayed with us for a week. Before he flew back to Houston, we drove Northeast a few hours to a small town Palmyra in upstate New York. This is where Joseph Smith grew up and prayed to know which he should join.

Palma 2

Seth and Noah posing in front of the Hill Cumorah monument.



The Sacred Grove

We visited Joseph Smith’s family farm where he prayed and had what the First Vision in answer to his humble prayer. The area where the above monument is located is where an angel showed him sacred gold plates, which is an ancient book of scriptures about people who lived in South America. While we were there, we felt the peace of the Holy Spirit testify that this is sacred ground, and I’m so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who is mindful of all of us.

I highly recommend you visit this sacred historical site regardless of whether or not you are LDS (Mormon).

The Ambridge basement bathroom


I’ve been going through the pictures on my phone and found this picture below of my bathroom in the dingy basement where my family and I were living (once I took our dog to Ambridge). My dog fights with my parent’s dog upstairs, so we lived in this basement.

Before Bathroom

And this is how the bathroom walls look now. My contractor Mike is AMAZING!

After work

I will post a picture of the shower when Mike is finished with this bathroom. I’m excited to see the results of this old house restored and cared for after three years of abandonment.

Max & Erma’s


Max & Erma's

The first time Jim and I attended our church Institute class together we hit it off. We talked, and talked, and talked, without the usual awkward silence when you go out for your first long car ride.

When the class ended, we drove back to Cranberry Twp and ate at Max & Erma’s. Jim was different than anyone I’d ever met, and I felt so comfortable around him, like I already  knew him.

While we were in Pittsburgh working on our investment house, we drove back to Max & Erma’s on a Friday night, and we enjoyed our date as we talked and talked.  It brought back so many fun memories of a younger, less complicated life.

Oh how I ❤ this man!

A lot of Painting!



Last week while we my family and I were in Ambridge, we enlisted the help of our extended family and and two of the sweetest sister missionaries I’ve met so far!

After making many repairs on the walls, they primed and painted all the rooms downstairs, the hallways, and then moved upstairs to paint bedrooms with VERY bright colors.

I wished I’d thought to take more pictures of them painting, but am so glad to have this one.

Investment House Progress


I’m so glad that my kitchen has FINALLY been worked on by a contractor. I’ve included some before and after pictures below.


Above is a picture of the kitchen when the house was on the market in 2016.


Kitchen Faucet

I bought a new sink and faucet.

Ambridge Construction Kitchen

This is the kitchen as my contractor Mike worked on it. 


The microwave is in! My contractor is so talented.

My cabinet pulls and knobs need to be inserted, and the beautiful flooring that I bought will hopefully be put in this week. Yay!!

It’s been so challenging to live over 1,100 miles away from Jim and Noah, and I find myself continually reminding myself that this is for our financial freedom.


Life Challenges


Life has lots of ups and downs that my head spins. Seth and I spent almost three weeks in Ambridge, Pennsylvania to find contractors to work on our investment house. I’ve met contractors from the area who told me they were interested in working on the house and then I never hear from them again. They don’t call me or return my calls/texts…

Finding people to work on this house has been ridiculously difficult! Ugh. Adding to this was the house making strange noises every night; it sounded like a creature (or maybe a ghost) was inside the air vents in the living room, along with other strange noises like when I heard someone (or something) walking in the bedroom above the living room one night when I was alone with my dog Buddy. We left for my friend’s house, but Buddy and her dog, Patches, kept barking at each other, so I took him home. My friend called 911 after I left so they could check the house for people, though I knew they wouldn’t find any. The lack of sleep made Seth and I a little crazy, so we drove back to Texas.

Tonight I called my cousin’s neighbor who works for one of the construction companies who never returned our call (my husband called them). He came two Sundays ago with my cousin Kevin to look at the house with its many projects and gave me prices to complete each project and my soul was filled with comfort.