Birthday and Eye Surgery

Noah and I with my birthday cakeIt has been way too long since I updated this blog! These last 2+ months have been very busy, and I will delve into our adventures soon.

On Thursday, July 9th, my eleven year old will be getting eye surgery in both of his eyes. Ouch! He had one surgery on his eyes 4 years ago, and it took about six months for him to recover, especially the redness in his eyes. He has severe allergies which cause him to rub his eyes a lot.

My husband and I are so grateful that our prayers were answered. They told us they were booked until the end of August, so we put his name on the waiting list.  Texas Children’s Hospital called me this morning after the patient scheduled for Thursday cancelled. This is another tender mercy from my Heavenly Father, who is aware of my family and our effort to grow closer as a family while taking care of each other.

I will be praying this week for my son’s surgery to go well.


About Jennifer E. McFadden

I'm the author of the children's book, Rusty My Playful Cat. I have also written two novels that I am currently editing. I usually blog about whatever is on my mind, such as my writing progress, my family, or the progress of my new my real estate investment business.

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